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It’s RACE RESUME time.

Get those race resumes polished up and sent out.
I normally had really good luck sending them out in Oct as most manufactures want them about this time of year, but do your homework and look the companies up on line that you are sending out to. Fly, for instance, has it on their website that they like MTB resumes in December, I think it is, and so on. There will be some different times that the different companies will have published like that, but most won’t. For those that don’t, October is going to be your best bet,

If you are just getting started out in the racing and/or sponsorships end of things, go here for a good outline on what to do:



Keep the resume short, a page is all you really want. Tell them that you are racing in {XXX} class in the {XXX} series(es) and that you {XXX} goal for the season, and that you’d love to use their {XXX} parts to help accomplish these goals. Be certain to let them know how much fun you are having in racing and representing your sponsors as MTB racing is a family friendly sport and that is how these companies want to be represented. You will also want to put in EVERY single race result from the previous season, the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is important as it shows character. Pictures are a great thing to put in as well.

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