Ridge To Rivers Trail System 10 Year Plan

The Ridge To Rivers Trail folks are putting together their 10 year plan now for our trail systems and you can still give your input on how this should all go.

Here, https://www.ridgetorivers.org/10-year-plan/ you can see their current 10 year plan draft and there is an email link where you can comment and/or make suggestions on anything in that draft. These are OUR trails and so you should absolutely let your voice be heard.

Me Corrals Trail

Kore North Cycles Teamed Up With Tamarack


03 April 2016 – Kore North Bicycles and Tamarack Resort have teamed up to make this summer the best summer in Mountain Biking yet!
1st – Tamarack Resort will open it’s lifts starting June 25th and will run every weekend through the summer and season passes are only $99! 2nd Tamarack Resort will be providing the Intense Uzzi as part of their primary rental bike for the best possible riding experience! 3rd The Kore North Bicycles team and family will be will be up at Tamarack Resort working on features and trails stating in may. So with your support, togeather we can make Southern Idaho the Mountain Bike Park destination and Best riding experience yet!

Trail Building With Dirt Dart

27 March 2016 – Happy Easter. Want to give a little back to the Boise MTB comunity? This is good and best of all, it’s free. Tomorrow from 5:00pm to 7:00pm, our friend Steve Parrish the Dirt Dart Mobile Bike guy, is doing trail maintenance on Bob’s trail and could use some volunteer help. We all ride these trails and so it’s good to help keep them up. Give Steve a hand.

Bogus Basin To Start With Lift Assist DH Starting This Season

26 March 2016 – Bogus Basin is building new trails and running the quad lift, chair 1, starting this summer! This is some of the best news I’ve gotten in quite some time. Personally speaking, I’ll be up there a lot this summer.

Tamarack is also running lifts for the bikes this summer and for 2017 they are said to have a race there on part of the Northwest Cup Series. This is absolutely HUGE. So now for lift assisted DH type riding, we have Brundage, Tamarack, and Bogus Basin all right here with in a couple hours. That’s just awesome, especially for us DH/FR/Gravity riders.

Bogus Bomber Race 2001

Intro To RidersReviews.Com


Welcome to Riders Reviews

After racing DH for so many years, this is how I’m giving back to the mountain bike community that has given me so much. This is especially geared towards the newer or beginner riders as you are the future of the sport. The trail maps, race schedules, and the areas best shops will also be great for those riders who are just new to the area and need to know where to go.

The basic idea here is to have nothing for the riders to buy from me, ever, but rather to be an actual assette to the mountain bike community. This is to be your one stop for all things mountain biking in the Boise area. We have TOTALLY FREE Boise mountain bike trail maps, The best shops in Boise, The best and fastest online parts shops for the DIY guys, The best bang for the buck on quality bike component upgrades from reputable companies, Mountain bike race series schedules, How to get started in racing, How to pages, custom bike builds and more. This is BY FAR, the most informational MTB site on the web today, and it’s all geared directly to help the Boise area mountain bikers.

Check back often as we are always adding more great mountain bike contact.

Contact  Darin@ridersreviews.com 

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