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Here I cover all of the information that I wish was out there when I was racing, especially in the beginning.

 After racing DH all over the northwest and gravity riding in the area for well over 20 years now, I stay involved in the local MTB scene this way.

I do still ride a lot, mostly gravity stuff. Being in my 50’s now, I don’t race any more, but I do have tons of experience to share, especially with the newer riders and racers.

I have everything here from how to get started in racing and in getting/keeping sponsors, getting started in the gym, trail ettiquet, write ups on bikes that can be found here in the area, custom builds, what shops are good, and maintenance how tos.

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Bootleg Canyon Winter DH Series, Idaho Enduro Series, NW Cup DH Series, Oregon Enduro Series

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Bike Test: Intense M16 DH Bike


I picked up the Intense M16 from Ryan at Kore North Cycles in Meridian yesterday to do a demo ride day with a test and review. It became very apparent to me that this is as much a review of the awesome customer service and bike set up that I recieved from Ryan as for the bike it’s self.

The thing is, that no matter what bike and components you throw at it, it will ride like crap with out a good proper quality set up. Ryan did an awesome job of this, including setting up the suspension for my weight and riding style. His work and customer service are simply top shelf all the way through. One of the best bike shop experiances a person could ever ask for. See the entire test HERE

Eastern Slash Air 7 Custom Build


It’s pre-season build time. In keeping with my normal tradition of getting the absolute best bang for the bike buck, I spent the last 4 months looking for just the right used frame to build up. I love the single pivot designs and this time around I wanted something that most folks just dont have. When this one came available I just knew it was the one. It checked every box. Size large, DH/Park DH orientated, single pivot longer travel, really rare in this area, compatable with almost all of the parts used on the Project Old School build since that was now going to be the parts donor bike, the works. The entire build HERE

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How to get started in racing & getting/keeping sponsors HERE