Boise Ridge Road Area Down To Boise

From the top of the Boise Ridge Road there are a few ways down.

These trails can be accessed year round, weather and conditions permitting. To get there, you can either do a shuttle run to where Schafer Butte Road hits the Boise Ridge Road right at the gate below the back side of chair 1 (Deer Point chair) or in the season on weekends you can take Chair 1 up and ride down off the back side passed the gate and down from there.

You have the option of taking the Boise Ridge Road all the way to the top of Eagleson Summit and taking 8th Street down doing dirt roads all the way back to town, dropping down Dry Creek Trail to where it hits Bogus Basin Road, or taking Hard Guy Trail down to where it hits Corrals Trail and taking it either to Bogus Basin Road or the 8th Street ORV Park. With any of these options you can hit Muhalo Trail on the way down as it comes back to the Boise Ridge Road above where any of these trails take off.




Muhalo Trail

To get there, take the access road (Schafer Butte road) from Bogus Basin Road to where you leave the top vehicle at the intersection with the Boise Ridge Road. Ride down the Boise Ridge Road and turn left at NF275. Cross the first gate and take the first trail to the right. This is Muhalo trail. It’s very tight and pretty technical. Very fun. Where the trail comes to a T, go right and make the gentle climb back out to where it hits the Boise Ridge Road.

Dry Creek Trail

This is one of my all time favorite decents. It’s pretty tight, pretty technical, and absolutely not dry. This is especially good to hit after Muhalo Trail. From Muhalo Trail continue down the Boise Ridge Road to the Shingle Creek Trail Head. Take this and take the first right. This is Dry Creek Trail. Very Fun and has about a dozen or so creek crossings. It’s a good upper intermediate level trail that makes me smile every time I ride it.

Hard Guy Trail

This is more of a higher speed ripper on the way down. Definately fun to drop down, still not nearly as overpopulated as the lower elevation trails like Hulls Gulch and Crestline, but you do have to watch for the occasional uphill, slower, or hiker traffic. A couple times a year you will find ranchers moving their sheep along here. This is their land and they are decent enough to allow us access, so be very respectful here. This one can be accessed from either the bottom at Corrals trail, or from the top at the Boise Ridge Road. To get here, continue passed the Shingle Creek Trail Head where you turn off for Dry Creek, and start the climb up Eagleson Summit for about the first quater mile. Hard Guy Trail will take off to the right where the Boise Ridge Road makes a left. This is a lower intermediate to upper beginner level trail. More of a high speed ripper than technical. At the bottom, you will make a small climb up to where it hits Corrals Trail. Take that to the right for a short distance to Bogus Basin Road, or to the left to add some good fun miles to your ride ending up at the 8th Street ORV Park where you can pick a few routes down from there.