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 Outlaw with 10 speed ex range 

This is NOT AT ALL like the “Boise’s Best” web site where companies pay to be on their list of “the best”. I do not take any payments for putting people or shops on here. They make in onto this page by actually giving great service and being a true assette to the Boise mountain bike community. Attitudes in the shops have a lot to do with it as well. Those who are in it for the love of the sport and actually want to help people will always get the nod over the others. The arrogant biker types will never make it onto this page either as they just give us all a bad name.

I have 2 winners for the best bike shop in the Boise area.

For all around maintenence for riders of every discapline, Dave at the Boise Bike Wrench is simply THE BEST. He is a small shop and will give that personal service that we all want. He’s extremely knowledgeable, fair with his pricing, and gives fast service. He will pick up and deliver your bike as well. Dave certainly does what he does out of love of the sport and it shows in everything he does.

Bike Wrench

For the pure gravity rider who wants that DH and Enduro specialty shop, Ryan at Kore North Cycles in Meridian is the best. He’s a smaller shop and certainly gives that personal service. Pricing and service are really good. He’s got the experience as he’s been in the DH scene for over 20 years now so he absolutely knows what he’s doing. He carries a REALLY great line in Intense Cycles and likes to keep his money local by supporting and featuring Diety Components out of Nampa. His level of service is simply unmatched by the “big shops” in the area.



The best online shops will depend on your discapline and what you are looking for. I have 3 that I’ve really been impressed with here.

For complete group sets I just have not found a better deal than what Chain Reaction Cycles offers. They have complete groupsets all together in packages with available options at pricing I’ve not seen anywhere else. Shipping is fast and their selection is great.

 For individule quality components, I have 2 favorites that have done very well for me.

Bike Wagon is absolutely great for their selection of previous years products (new, of course) and deeply discounted prices. They have great service with crazy fast shipping.



Jenson USA is my favorite for finding the gravity orientated products at great prices. Their selection is awesome as is their level of service. In my experience they have absolutely been THE BEST for personal service and customer contact with everything from order status to shipping/tracking info. They just plain get it done.



The Best Sports Nutrition Supliments Shop

The racers in particular, but also a good percentage mountain bike riders are spending a great deal of time in the gym and the fact is that sports nutritional suppliments play a big role in getting the most out of that gym time. Jerry at Iron Built Sports Nutrition is simply the best. His level of service is awesome. He does not just point you to what is expensive, instead he shows you what actually works and saves you a buck where he can as well. He lives it and so his knowledge is truely top shelf.


One “local shop” deserves mention in both local shop and in online parts shop catagories, Performance Bike in Boise.

Performance is an online parts shop and has a full service shop in Boise. They do give the level of personal service we normally get from the smaller shops with the availibility of parts and tools of the large chains. They specialize more to the XC and road segments of the market. I do like their availity of specialty bike repair tools. Great for the DIY folks like my self.