I rode Brundage Mountain in McCall last week and it took me this long to write this one because I have mixed feelings on this one.


The high point of the area is Hidden Valley. It’s a steep, rocky, technical, hard to ride modern day DH course. I had to actually walk a few sections and I CAN ride. This one is no joke. Great for those expert and above level DH riders who want to get up to speed for Nationals and higher. For the every day rider though, not so much. The very real concern of making it to work Monday morning does come up.

From there, Zorro is the other actual black diamond (expert level) course and it’s a shorter side trail that’s steep, rooty, rocky, and blown out from never ever being maintained. It was all rideable, but slow and short. High Voltage is labled as a black diamond but is really an intermediate level run and is extremely short at the very top of the mountain where it dumps out onto Elk Trail, the one green (beginner) course. The one blue (intermediate) labled course, Growler, is actually pretty much beginner level and has too much climbing to really be fun for a DH type area, especially if you wear body armor and a full face helmet. Both Elk and Growler are slow moving and pretty good for beginners though and so I do see their place.

That’s everything the mountain has to offer though. There is absolutely nothing for riders who have skills but don’t want to worry about carrying the number to Life Flight or about making it to work Monday morning. For these riders, who make up the vast majority of us doing lift assisted DH riding, I highly suggest either hitting up Tamarack or staying in town to do either the Eagle Mountain Bike Park or doing Bogus Basin, in that order. I didn’t even stay for the whole day.