Camels Back Park / Hulls Gulch / 8th Street ORV Park Area

This is where most folks start out for riding in the area. I know I did some 20 plus years ago.

The trails here are very popular for hikers as well as bikers and so I highly recomend riding these early on a weekday or using them as a fairly easy way to get up in elevation to access what ever trails you want to conect up to. One of the single best ways to gain elevation and access to other trails from here is to park on 8th street either right behind Camels Back Park or directly passed where the pavement ends at the little parking on the right, then take Owl’s Roost to Kestral trail and go left on Crestline trail (AKA The Freeway Trail). From here you can do a short loop by taking Red Cliffs back down, or conect up to Lower Hulls Gulch, Trail 4 up to Sidewinder and down that, Up the other side of Trail 4 to the 8th Street ORV Park, or any number of trails you may want to hit. See maps  below.

Camels Back & Lower Hulls Gulch Area


8th Street ORV Park Area


One of my favorite short loops is to take Kestral trail up to Crestline and that up to where Trail 4 goes up to the right. This part of trail 4 is a 10 minute hike a bike up to where it meets up with the top of Sidewinder trail for the trip down. Take Sidewinder down to Crestline and take it down to the first right turn being Red Cliffs Trail. Take that back down. It’s a good fun figure 8 type loop. I highly suggest doing this one very early on a weekday though as it does get very populated very fast.

This area can be accessed from other trails as well. Starting at Bogus Basin Road at the Parking at about mile marker 2 1/2 is the Corrals Trail Head. It’s really fun to take that to the 8th street ORV park and pick your trail down from there. This is about a 12 mileXC ride with both climbing and decending. You can see where Corrals has the 2 parking places on the Bogus Basin Road area map below and where it shows what is just north of the 8th Street ORV Park area.

Bogus basin Road Area