Custom Bike Builds & New Bike Tests

 Custom bike builds are always cool. It’s always nice to be riding a one of a kind custom bike like what no one else on the planet is riding on and is built especially for you. Here we show some builds we’ve done from start to finish. Keep checking back. We are always building new rides and will be adding to this as we go. This should give you some good ideas for doing your own custom builds.

Building your first custom bike can be either a really fun project or a painful one if you just get parts that are not compatible with with each other or with the frame. This is really where to start. How to select the proper components to make it all work right and be compatable together the first time around. Proper planing and componet selection, and in the right order will save you a ton of money and head ache, making this into a really fun project ending in you having a custom ride that no one else on the planet has.

Project Old School Haro Extreme frame built up totally custom

Project Old School Bike Ride day

Project Mike’s Bikes Commencial Elcamino and Access XC frame


Intense M16 Test


KTM Lycan Test


KHS DH 650 Initial Impressions