Dogs On The Trails


It’s getting that time of year that we are seeing more and more dogs on the trails. This brings up a few things that are really worth noting here.

The first and most obvious for us as MTB riders is to keep out eyes open for the dogs. The very last thing any of us would ever want to do is to have an accident involving or hurting some one’s best friend. To that extent it is also very important for the dog owners to keep good control of their 4 legged friends. This is really a two way street.

For those who like to take their dogs when riding to give the dog a good run, it’s important to bring water for the dog as well as for your self. They can suffer from dehydration just as we can. Be careful when riding with the dogs too for when they cut right in front of you. Falling off the bike would be bad enough, but for the dog, it can be much worse. Running over a dog’s leg for instance would probably be a broken leg and would change that dog’s life in a very negative way for ever.

The next point is for the dog owners to be sure to pick up after their dogs so that it doesn’t become a doggie bathroom. Most are really good about this, but as with most things, it only takes the actions of a few to create a bad name for the many. Carry a bag and pick it up. It’s just the right thing to do. No one wants to step in that.

The Ridge To Rivers folks did a great jon on their maps showing where dogs are allowed off leash as well. Please observe these rules. Again, it’s just the right thing to do. Their map is accessable  HERE 

We do have rattle snakes in our foot hills, so getting the dogs trained up to avoid snakes is a great thing to do. Also it’s another great reason to keep good control of your pets. Most dogs do not survive rattle snake bites and personally speaking, I love my dog. We also have tics in our foot hills, and so a flea and tic collar is a great little insurance policy. One should also check the dog over for tics after a walk through the trails.

These simple guidelines should really be common sense, but as we all know, common sense just isn’t very common.