Eagle Mountain Bike Park

At the Eagle Bike Park it’s all bumps, jumps, berms, drops and rocks. There is a pump track and a BMX track as well. Absolutely something for every skill level. There is also a skills training area where you can work on verious skills like the drops before hitting them on something like the Stormin Mormon DH course.



The Flow Trail is great fun and not too scary for most riders. I hit it today with Adam and Jeff. It’s sign says it’s an intermediate trail and that’s pretty close. I’d actually say upper beginner to lower intermediate skill level. Great fun.

Shake & Bake Trail sits right next to the Flow Trail. It’s the Old DH course shown on the maps. It’s labled as intermediate on the sign and it’s at least that. If you like steep rock garden sections then this is the trail for you.

The 4X track (Hell Mary) there is a little shorter and about the same skill level. I rode it today with Jerry Vanderpool, Pro racer and owner of HTS Rep Group, and his 9 year old son, J3. Of course Jerry smoked me fast, but it was super fun riding it with him.

The Dual Slalom Course has 2 lines, the right side is a little slower and has all of the gaps filled in making them into table tops and the left still has the gap jumps. I rode this today with Jerry Vanderpool and his son, J3. Jerry is just SOOOO fast. J3 is a good rider too. He’s going to be great the way he’s going.

Feeling Lucky is the intermediate level jump trail directly above the pump track over by the skate park area. I followed J3 down this and he did really well. He’s only 9 and he’s jumping a bit through out the course and showing that the kids have a lot of places here they can ride. J3 is going to be very fast, like his Dad, very soon. Awesome kid.

Once J3 and I got to the bottom of the course, he headed directly into the Pump Track. He’s just non stop energy and riding. Pump Track is pretty much where I’d suggest getting the kids started.