Eastern Slash Air 7 Custom Build

It’s pre-season build time. In keeping with my normal tradition of getting the absolute best bang for the bike buck, I spent the last 4 months looking for just the right used frame to build up. I love the single pivot designs and this time around I wanted something that most folks just dont have. When this one came available I just knew it was the one. It checked every box. Size large, DH/Park DH orientated, single pivot longer travel, really rare in this area, compatable with almost all of the parts used on the Project Old School build since that was now going to be the parts donor bike, the works.


The parts about this frame that I really liked were the use of the Elsworth Atlas rear suspension package and the fact that I’ve not seen another one in Boise EVER. I had this one shipped up from the Bay area, CA. This was the first picture the previous owner sent me.

IMG_2639The build it’s self was very straight forward. The Isis bottom bracket and Eastern chain rollor had to come off  to be replaced with my XT Hollowtech2 BB, Zee crank set, and MRP dual rollor type guide.  The rest of the drive trane went just as smooth being the XT derailleur, chain and 10 speed cassette with 40 tooth extended range cog. That all bolted up perfect.

This frame did take a different headset than the zero stack Ahead unit that the Haro took, but the previous owner included a really nice FSA Orbit unit in good condition, so that part took care of it’s self. With that I also bought Answer 780 DH bars and Hussefelt DH stem. This set up just fit the bike better and the old bars were just more narrow than what I like.


A few months ago Dave at Boise Bike Wrench built up my Halo SAS rims on my existing hubs so the wheel set was was just prime to go on.IMG_2637The 180mm travel (7 1/8″) Rock Shock Domain RCs were a perfect match for the 7″ travel frame. With both ends matching, it made for an easy set up. On this frame, it gave me a 66 degree head angle.


The first upgrade already happened. I went with Shimano M615 brakes front and rear to replace the Avid BB7’s I origionally built this up with. I had them left from a couple previous bikes and this bike really called for something a little more updated. 


These really round out the package and will handle the stopping chores very well. I love the adjustable reach servo wave 2 finger levers.


As with all bike builds, the all important question is How does it ride. This this is extremely stable. It loves to jump and likes to fly pretty flat making either wheel landings easy. It’s  very confidence inspiring through the rocks and sketchy areas and is a real point and shoot type ride. It’s not much of a climber, but that’s just not what I built this for. It’s a park bike and decender and it fills that niche extremely well.