Intense ACV Test Ride


The Intense ACV really impressed me right from the start.

Ryan and the guys from Kore North set it up for my size and weight first, like they always do. Their service is just awesome. It goes well with the quality product lines they work with. Once suspension was set up for my weight and the dropper post for my height, I was pretty much set.


I took the ACV straight up Twisted Sister to D’s Chaos, to the top of the bike park. While I am no climber, the ACV made me look like one. It just lives to climb.  The Carbon frame is ultra rigid and just puts all of your power straight to the ground. Those big fat tires just don’t slip either so it tractors straight up what ever you want to throw it at.


From there I took it down the Flow trail and was just as impressed again. The 66 degree head angle, 130mm of travel, and all work really well with the fat tires. It just went straight through or over everything I pointed it at with precision. The ACV just plain works. It was all I could do to make my self give it back.

The bottom line. If the ACV can’t get you there, you weren’t ever supposed to be there.