Specialized Bikes From Kens Bicycles


I’ve shopped at Ken’s off and on for over 20 years now and have just never had a bad experience with them. Their service has always been top notch and their product lines are really good. They have a great selection of bikes for virtually every rider from Greenbelt to Road to Trail and XC to Gravity riders like my self. If you can’t find a bike here that makes you smile, then you might want to seek help.IMG_4116

I was especially stoked to hook up with their general manager, Mike Weiser, to check out a few of their bikes and ride them. Mike took the time to fit the bikes to me and set up the suspension for me, and then we headed to the Eagle bike park so that I could run laps on the bikes back to back to back on the same course so that I could isolate any differences in the line up to being the bikes them selves. We took out the Camber, a Stump Jumper with 29’x2.3″ set up, a Stump Jumper with 27.5″x3″ set up, and an E-Assist Enduro bike.

There wasn’t a bad bike in the lot. All had the 1×11 drive trane and I like that a lot. It’s just the best and most simple set up available today. I rode the Camber first and the first thing I noticed was that even though it’s a 29er, it did not have a high center of gravity at all. Instead it had an extremely balanced and stable feel.  It was very light and nimble. The 68 degree head and the 120mm travel make this a great choice for tight and techy woods riding such as East Side trail. Very fun bike for sure.


From there I rode the 2 Stumpys. They were virtually the same but with the different wheel set up. The 150mm front travel mixed with the 135mm rear matched up very well. It’s going to boil down to personel preference as to which wheel and tire set up to go with and there will not be a wrong desision here. Both climed very well and both decended equally as well too. I like the feel of the big tires so it’s the 27.5″x3″ for me. This set up compares very well to the Intense ACV in every way. An awesome bike for sure. The Horst Link rear suspension has been so perfected over the years that it just works awesome. It felt very linear and actually felt like more than 135mm.

IMG_4123 IMG_4125


The E-Assist bike was my favorite to climb on for obvious reasons and it was surprisingly nice on the downhills too. At 48 pounds it weighs in very close to the DH bikes we raced on in the early 2000’s and it felt very stable in the air. I could actually send it very well. While E-Assist is not for everyone, love them or hate them, they are here to stay and the fit, finish, and quality of the Specialized one will be hard to beat.