MTB How To’s

Here we go over the mountain bike how to’s for building and maintaining your bike. Also we go over when you should really have your bike shop do the work. Keep checking back as we are always working on the bikes and so there will be more and more things here on how to do the work and save some money.

PressOutlaw with 10 speed ex range

Bike Maintenance Schedule. A neglected bike is truely a sad thing. Knowing when to do what parts of your maintenance to keep your bike up and running as well as it possibly can is a huge thing. Our friends at have put together a really good maintenance schedule HERE for just that. Knowing when everything needs done is really half the battle. This is a good guide to go by.

Building your first custom bike can be either a really fun project or a painful one if you just get parts that are not compatible with with each other or with the frame. This is really where to start. How to select the proper components to make it all work right and be compatable together the first time around. Proper planing and componet selection, and in the right order will save you a ton of money and head ache, making this into a really fun project ending in you having a custom ride that no one else on the planet has.

Setting up your derailleurs is a big part of any bike build and also a very important part in making adjustments when maintaining your bike. It’s one of those things that you really should know how to do. Especially the fine tuning part as cables do stretch over time and it’s really not something that you should have to drop off your bike at the shop for when just a few minutes in the garage will have you shifting clean and riding away with a smile. Here I cover how to set up your derailleurs and to adjust them properly.

Bike cleaning is one of those things that so many people just bypass or overlook the importance of. virtually all of us can do this and takes absolutely no mechanical skills. The biggest things I tell people is to clean it after every ride and to NEVER EVER use a car wash or a high pressure like from a nozzle on a hose. Here Dave from The Boise Bike Wrench goes over the importance of this step, the how to, and possably the most important part the what not to do in cleaning your bike.

Knowing when to take your bike to the shop is a huge thing. People getting in over their heads can cost a lot of money and time when an inexpensive repair turns into ruined or broken parts. The general rule is to never over tighten things, and if it takes a special tool, you might want to look at having the shop do it. Here Dave from the Boise Bike Wrench goes over the importance of knowing when to take your bike into the shop and where some of the more common pitfalls have been for people who should have taken their bikes in.