MTB Parts Reviews

We all would like to know that the bikes and parts we are getting are going to be good quality and long lasting. Here I go over some of the more popular and more useful things that have proven to be good. I won’t trash any one’s product, I just won’t review bad products or shops. It’s that stay positive thing. No one pays for their products or services to be on here like on other sites. They are either really good or I don’t put them up on here, so that way it gives you reviews that you can actually trust with out going negative on anyone or anything. Keep checking back. I’m always getting new parts etc and so I’m always adding to this page.

Azonic Outlaw Wheels. These wheels are killer. Very strong and reliable. They just continue to work well, especially for the DH/FR guys and the clydesdale riders. I like them and the deal I got so well that I put them up on the Best bang For The Buck page too.

Rock Shox Domain. A solid single crown FR/Dirt Jump/Entry Level DH fork. Really solid fork. I got the 180mm travel Domain RC model so it does have the external low speed damping adjustments for both rebound and compression along with the internal shim stack for high speed damping or big hits. I’ve ridden on it for a while now with just zero issues. The 35mm stanctions are plenty rigid. It just works well. I liked the deal I got on it so well that I put the forks and shocks from the same company up on the Best Bang For The Buck page.

Bell Stoker Enduro Helmet. Helmets won’t make you ride better and aren’t all that fun to spend the money on, but the fact is that everyone crashes at times and we just plain need a good helmet. The Bell Stoker fits the bill in that it protects well and does not break the bank. Good helmet, very light, well ventilated, and very comfortable on a long ride. Not quite as light as the Kali that I got for my wife, but we are only talking grams difference, not pounds, and my helmet cam mount fits this where it wouldn’t the Kali. A good helmet in all and well worth the price.

Schwinn Rocket 3. A good entry level mountain bike we picked up for not too much money. It’s an actual mountain bike on sale for $450 from about $600, not something you’d find at Walmart etc. but an actual bike shop bike. Good bike, solid well balanced component group. It’s also a 27.5 so it’s up to date in that respect as well.

Sony HDR AS20 WiFi Action Cam. This is a solid helmet cam. Records in 1080pHD. Does everything a good cam should. The Carl Zies lens is awesome. Video is nice and clear with a good wide field of view. The one and only real negative was really not so bad, but I’d like to have known up front. I had to get the micro SD memory card seperate. It didn’t come with one. That being said though, it was still a MUCH better price than the comperable GoPro even when adding in the card. About 1/2 the price normally. That’s just a huge difference, especially when we are talking at least comperable quality and being actually easier to use.