Project Mike’s Bike Commencial Elcamino

Project Mike’s Bike is a special one for us. My brother in law, Mike wanted a custom bike and so this build came to be for him. Since Mike lives a few hundred miles away, much of the planning was done with both of us on the phone while looking at the various parts etc on the computer. It was entirely built custom for him long distance. He never got to see it in person until picking up the completed bike. It actually started out as being based off of one frame, until he found one he liked better. At this point the original frame was set aside to be built later for my sister, and his new frame was built up for this. It turned out to be a truely great bike.

Mike takes it a few steps further and builds another custom from his origional frame

Last year I did the Project Mike’s Bike Build and now this year Mike has the bug to build a custom, and so he built up one for his wife, Donna, my sister. This is the absolute best possible outcome from building his bike. They have always ridden some, but never anything custom. It’s been strictly off the shelf. It’s always great to be able to pass something like this along to others.

Mike took that Access frame that we were origionally going to build up for him and did the entire thing up nice for Donna. They went with XT rear derailleur, hubs (on Sun Ringle Inferno wheels), cassette, chain, and 3×10 crank set, SLX front derailleur, shifters and brakes, Rock Shox Recon 100mm forks, and a mix on the rest of the components.

It’s Mike’s first custom build and it came out really nice. Donna should enjoy lots of good miles on that.