Project Old School Bike On A Budget

Project Old School is a bike build with the idea of taking a good older frame that I already had here in the garage and building it into a really nice custom bike on a budget that rides at least as well as a new bike that cost twice as much to by off the shelf, stock. The basic premise is that a lot of us have older bikes that we love and rather than just buying new, we can spend the same or even better, less, and have a totally custom bike that we would absolutely LOVE. Project Old School, Bike On A Budget

I brought back the Project Old School bike for this 2016 season to basically pimp it out. It’s my daily driver so it’s time now to give it the details that really make it mine. The first thing I did this season is to give it a new complete 1×10 drivetrain. I love the Shimano Hollowtech2 system so I went that route. I went to our friends at Chain Reaction Cycles for their 1×10 XT group. I did save a little by going with the Zee shifter option and left the derailleur, chain, and 11-36 cassette all XT. I went for the Blackspire 36t front chainring and from there I also went with the 40t extended range cog to help with the climbs. To complete the package, also from Chain Reaction, I got the Shimano Zee crank set and XT bottom bracket. This all came in at $303.00 with free shipping. A real bargain. Now with a couple rides on it, I can say that the bike really rides well and climbs well too. I did have the old MRP guide from one of my old DH bikes and so I then picked up a couple black rollers for it and mounted that up as well. It really completes the drivetrane package and guarantees I won’t be dropping a chain off the front any time soon.

 XT 10 speed with extended range Single front

This was a really fun project, but like with most things, this one had to come to an end. The Haro frame here is a Medium and I am much better fitted to a large that is also more DH orientated. I rode this and enjoyed it until I finally found the right frame to replace it with.

The parts I used to build it up with got stripped off to use on the new frame and this one is now being sold to hopefully someone who enjoys it as much as I did.

That brings up the next project bike build. An Eastern Slash 7 Air.