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Sponsorship Info

Riders Reviews is 100% veteran owned & operated.

I have WELL OVER 20 years riding and racing in the area and have kept a good name doing it. Here I have all of the information that I wish was available in one organized spot when I was racing, and especially when I was starting out. This has become much more than just a hobby. It’s become a labor of love of riding and the riding community.

This is my way of giving back to the cycling community that has given me and my family so much. It is very easy to sponsor Riders Reviews and it does keep the site up and enable me to help get the kids and newer riders started out right promoting a good healthy lifestyle for them.

Especially for the bike industry or related businesses, I am always more than happy to trade out sponsorship packages for products or services that I can feature or otherwise use on RidersReviews.com

I do have a full time job driving a FedEx truck, so 100% of all sponsorships go directly to keeping the site up and helping in the Boise area cycling community on several fronts.

You get an ad on every page on RidersReviews.com and named on everything we do including regular postings on all social media, calandars, and on any other promotionals we do throughout the year. Yearly sponsors also get their logo on the Riders Reviews Jerseys.

By sponsoring Riders Reviews you are helping to bring Boise area mountain biking to our younger and newer riders. This is especially huge because it helps keep the kids active, physically fit, and highly involved in a very positive and healthy lifestyle.

You are helping to show where the best trails are, how to maintain the bikes, and where the best shops are as opposed to just the largest.

You are helping the MTB racing community by showing where the area race series are, how to get started the right way in racing, how to get and maintain sponsors in a positive manor, and how to train and prepare for success in  racing.

You are helping to keep our trails open and to maintain a general good will between the mountain bike community and the rest of the public by helping show propper trail ettiquet, trail maintenance volunteering programs, and respect for the areas we ride in and the people we share these areas with.

You are also helping to show the newest bikes from local bike shops, custom builds that anyone can do, and how these bikes ride and hold up to real world riding.