Tamarack Resort

I got the season pass for Tamarack this year simply because it’s absolutely epic.

They have plenty of rental bikes and gear right there on site for anything you may want to do. This is great for those who are just getting into gravity riding and haven’t pulled the trigger on a DH or Enduro bike yet.

IMG_3474 IMG_3471 IMG_3475 IMG_3470

They run the Tamarack Express chair from 10:00am until 4:00pm for $39 for the day or you can do a half day from 1:00pm until 4:00pm for $29. The full day lift ticket was is absolutely worth it. Tamarack does a top notch operation from start to finish. There are plenty of trails at every skill level and they are still building more that are not on the map yet. Tamarack and the guys from Kore North Cycles in Meridian have been working very hard on building and maintaining the trails and it shows. Ryan, in particular, deserves major props for this as it certainly gives back to the cycling comunity. My favorites were Super-G, Smoke Jumper, and Hybernator.

They have the XC trails completely seperate from the downhill trails and so I never came across any uphill traffic on the trails what so ever. This is absolutely how it should be done. The other ski areas could seriously take note here.

For downhill riding, Tamarack is absolutely worth the drive and the lift ticket. It’s a must for at least a trip or 2 a season.

If you really want to get after it here, you can go after the overall record here for total runs in one day. I currently hold that record and have the Strava to show for it at 12 runs down through the bumps, jumps, and berms making for 20,053  vertical feet and 63.9 miles  

Check out their site at  http://tamarackidaho.com/